Toast. Butter. Eat. Repeat.

Mozdykuchen is an old-world, brioche sweet bread, hand made in Salt Lake City, Utah, and based on the Mozdy family heirloom recipe that has been handed down for over two centuries. This carefully crafted specialty bread comes in five varieties, and can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Gearing Up for the Farmer's Market Season

I'm so excited to get out there with the family and start telling our story and sharing our toast! It's been several weeks of buying stuff for the market booth (tablecloth, side table, banner, etc.) and I was happy to give the Visa card a break and make something today. Three display boxes for the three varieties of bread we're launching. Some cedar boards from a friend who has too many and a bunch of screws I had laying around. Intentionally slanted a bit towards our customers so they can get a nice look at the bread. Zero bucks, and pretty handy at the market.


We'll be at the Park Silly Sunday Market starting this Sunday, June 7th, and the Downtown Farmer's Market in Salt Lake starting Saturday, June 13th. We can't wait. My lovely wife, Suzanne will be manning the booth with me, as will the kids occasionally.

We had a Farmer's Market Preview Party this past weekend at our house and many friends and neighbors joined us as we set up our booth and gave the whole thing a test run. We also griddled up some Mozdykuchen sandwiches. Thanks to everyone for all of their amazing support as we start this journey. Here are a few sandwich ideas for those of you wondering if this bread is versatile (hint: absolutely, it is!):

  1. The Gobbler: Honey-roasted turkey breast, dijon mustard & sauteed leeks on Cherries & Rosemary bread.
  2. Croque-Garcon: Ham & cheese with caramelized onions on Fennel & Fig bread.
  3. Kid Fuel: Nutella and marshmallow fluff on the Original


Every Baker Needs a Helper

It was a long weekend of baking. Tried out five variations on some friends. My daytime companion, Chester, had more baking smells to sniff than usual, and was grateful for the chance to get out and run with my friends' dog on the trail behind Red Butte Garden. You could tell by the snow baths he kept taking--ducking his whole head and shoulders into a snowbank, rolling once, and bouncing up to shake it all off. Refreshing just to watch!

He's my best buddy and a great companion at all times. Thanks, Chester, for being a great baker's helper!


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