Toast. Butter. Eat. Repeat.

Mozdykuchen is an old-world, brioche sweet bread, hand made in Salt Lake City, Utah, and based on the Mozdy family heirloom recipe that has been handed down for over two centuries. This carefully crafted specialty bread comes in five varieties, and can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Burning Our Way to the Holiday Season

Last week, I had the chance to revisit a slice of my childhood - not via toast, this time, but via a woodburning project to create our holiday gift packages. My dad picked up woodburning for a time when we were young, and I remember a baseball mitt or two with our childish signatures done with a woodburning tool. I knew I couldn't freehand our Mozdykuchen logo, so I had a small custom branding iron made, and then went to work on some bamboo boards and toaster tongs.

As the slightly acrid smell of seared wood filled the room, I slowly got the hang of the process, and our gift packages can attest to my learning curve! All of the boards have that "done by hand" look to them - some of the logos are darker, some lighter, some perhaps not exactly level, but all of them small enough to leave the bulk of the cutting board for the business of cutting and serving food.

Truthfully, the tongs were the trickiest - not only did it take just a second or two to burn, but the angle at the base of the tongs made it difficult to burn all edges evenly. I ended up using a little rocking motion to get it done, which was fun to discover. When it was all said and done, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. We're pretty happy with the end product, and hope you like them, too. You can get the gift packages on our "Get It" page.

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