Toast. Butter. Eat. Repeat.

Mozdykuchen is an old-world, brioche sweet bread, hand made in Salt Lake City, Utah, and based on the Mozdy family heirloom recipe that has been handed down for over two centuries. This carefully crafted specialty bread comes in five varieties, and can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

My name is Michael Mozdy, and I own Mozdy Kuchen, LLC. with my wife, Suzanne. We bake and sell Mozdykuchen in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is a lovely place to live, but not where either of us grew up. I'm from a mostly German (part Polish, and a bunch of other stuff) Catholic family from Erie, Pennsylvania. Suzanne is from the San Francisco bay area, San Jose to be precise, and she's half Italian and half German. While our childhoods were quite different (gray skies and long winters vs. sunny, mild year-round temperatures), we both love to eat and drink well. We also love to travel, especially to Europe where our families come from. Our time in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and Belgium has made us appreciate our roots and want to pursue bringing a slice of the old world to the American palate.

Slicing is just what we do. And toasting. Well, there's also the buttering and eating, but you get the point. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and reading our story, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy Mozdykuchen! I'm fairly certain you will if you just follow our simple instructions: toast, butter, eat, repeat. It's a special bread, and one I'm happy to share with you and your family. Tell your friends, and send us your pictures and stories on Instagram (mozdykuchen), Twitter (@mozdykuchen), and Facebook (

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